Life changing, sugar coma inducing, Cookie Butter Funfetti Bars

I love baking for other people. Nothing beats the look on someone’s face when they bite into something you crafted with them in mind.

When I first saw this recipe for Averie’s Cookie Butter Funfetti Bars, I immediately thought of Kyle. He probably loves cookie butter more than me (which is impressive). When his birthday came around a little over month later, I knew exactly what I wanted to make for him.

Ok, so why is this important now? Well, it turns out they were really, really, good. And by that I mean, so good Kyle decided that we needed to whip up another batch. So for the second weekend in a row, instead of going to the bar on Saturday night, we partied in the kitchen (funfetti = party, right?). 

We left out the coconut (Kyle hates the texture) and I found toffee bits in my cabinet to add in its place. Averie’s recipe also calls for butterscotch chips (not peanut butter). When we were checking out I realized I’d grabbed the wrong bag (after telling Kyle he grabbed the wrong one – whoops!).  So we added a peanut butter twist to the bars as well.

We mixed up the cake mix, egg, and butter. I got it all over my clothes, unsurprisingly. Then I spread it as evenly as possible over a very greased, foil cover pan (spreading cookie dough is definitely easier said than done, for the record). Next I sprinkled the dough with chips.

Meanwhile, Kyle combined the sweetened condensed milk and cookie butter. This stuff on its on is disgusting delicious.

Then he poured the mixture over the chips. We put in the oven for 26 minutes (according the recipe’s recommended time for gooey bars). And after a very long almost have hour later, our creation was done!

These were designed for the people with insane sweet tooths (like us!). They’re kind of like  Netflix (I usually say crack here but I can vouch first hand for how addicting Netflix is).

And what better way to get into the Fall spirit then with a sugar coma! Now I just need to start baking with pumpkin and candy corn.


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