Happy Fall!

Hey friends,

I know I been slacking. My bad. It’s been a little hectic with the moving into a new apt and starting up my last (eek!) year of school. I promise to have something new up soon, but in the meantime here are some goodies I have concocted lately that I highly recommend! (Click the link to go to the recipe! Also none of these pic’s are mine – these foodbloggers have much better cameras/ photography skills than moi)

Green Monsters. All day err day. Well maybe not every day but I have a ton of frozen bananas so I’ve drinking them often. So freaking good.

Baked Banana bread oatmeal. Long story short, I ended up 25ish ripe bananas a few weeks ago.  So in addition to freezing most of them, I made a lot of banana things. Like this baked oatmeal. I can’t describe how wonderful it is to have such a healthy/ filling/ delicious breakfast every morning that takes one minute in the microwave to prepare.

I’m not sure exactly what made this so delicious, but I couldn’t get enough. I used summer squash and run of the mill mini sweet peppers. The squash was from my Nanny’s garden which I’m sure made it better too.

Kyle was inspired to whip up a batch of this, which I’ve been meaning to try for 8 months. I’m so glad he brought it up because it was amazing! Especially for someone with a cold (hot sauce = clear sinuses). We also broke out my immersion blender for the first time (how did I not realize how useful/ fun to use those things are?!).

I’m absolutely addicted to this simple sauce! I’m trying to make the most out of the end of tomato season. Kyle and I put in on pasta a few weeks ago (read: Kyle made this sauce for pasta for us while I was still at class) and it was divine! Lately I’ve been putting it on tortilla with goat cheese.

These came out of the kitchen last Saturday night when I decided making donuts and watching Weeds was a better plan then, well, making plans. And holy moly they were delicious. We killed all 6 in less than 24 hours.

Last but not least, homemade granola bars! I hate spending money on food while I’m campus, so I try to make things to take with me (that don’t need refrigeration). It’s also really nice to have granola bars without weird additives. And they fifteen minutes to make, including dish washing time.

And that’s all for now folks, new things (it’s almost pumpkin season) coming soon!



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