Move into the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches

Millions of peaches, peaches for me.


Before the summer of 2011, I don’t think I had ever had a fresh peach. Now I can’t stop eating them. Plus the market across from my old apartment always has big bucket of them. So convenient.

At some point when I was home with my parents, we ended up with a whole bunch of peaches. And just like with extra oranges, my instinct, of course, was to bake with them. My dad requested a cobbler. I’ve never made a cobbler, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity!

I searched a couple of my favorite food blogs and settled on this blackberry peach cobbler from Eat, Live, Run. If you don’t read this blog, you should (I have enjoyed everything I’ve ever made- seriously!).


Substitutions included wheat flour and almond milk (I was going to add oats but I wasn’t sure how that would turn out).

The first step was to skin the peaches, which I had also never done. Turns out it is ridiculously easy. You just boil a pot of water on the stove, and drop the peach in for thirty seconds. Pull it out (carefully), wait until its cool enough to handle, and cut the skin off.

Naked Peaches!

Next, I mixed the chopped peaches with blackberries, lemon juice, and sugar. I dumped the mixtures into a greased pan and popped it the oven.

While it was baking I made the dough part of the cobbler. It was pretty easy- I used a pastry cutter instead of my hands (I really need to get me one of those). After the fruit mixture was in the oven for a little while, I pulled it out and added the dough  in globs. Globs of dough = way more fun than spreading batter, just saying.

And about half an episode of Perception later, it was done! I snacked on some with some ice cream and Redi Whip and let me tell you it was heavenly.

I will definitely be keeping this recipe in mind for future excess fruit 🙂


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