Extra oranges? Make muffins.

I kind of have a problem with going overboard on produce .Seriously, I’m either completely out of all fruits and veggies or my fridge is ready to burst. Since I vacated my apartment, I was doing a pretty good job of keeping my stock in check. Until the end of my last week of work (I forgot how many free lunches that week entails – first world problems, I know).

Long story short I ended up with a bunch of bananas and two oranges. Bananas I never mind having leftover (banana ice cream and green monsters are two of my favorite snacks of all time – don’t make fun). But the oranges were a little trickier.

Luckily, my mom is the one the who got me into baking (ie. her pantry is also stocked with the essentials). And I had a free Sunday. I searched “orange” on foodgakwer, and came across these Orange Muffins.

*Also I left my camera in the ‘burgh. I hope you like instagram as much as me 🙂 My username is danananah. Follow me for more everyday food pic’s!

I substituted (apparently it is impossible for me to copy a recipe line by line) the sour cream for lactose free yogurt (delicious, not gross at all) and replaced a cup of the white flour for wheat flour (though I always do this –  added texture and health benefits? Favorite baking “trick”).

Mom also had dried orange peel on hand, so I used that instead of zesting the orange. I don’t know what it is about zesting fruit but I absolutely hate doing it.

Making a mess.

Yummy yummy batter. And my hand written recipe creepin’ underneath.

More yummy batter.

Glaze time! This is came together perfectly. More dried orange peel instead of zest.

And completion. I was more than happy with how they turned out. My dad even left me a note in the morning about how good they were (he had one for breakfast before I got up).

Honestly though- the best part of making them was leaving them in the oven for the exact amount of time the recipe suggested. Beautiful. I will never miss the oven from my last apartment. Ever. Fingers crossed the new oven is a good one!


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