Pantry Project Completition

So remember that time I said I was going to use up everything in my pantry?

Well, I did. Kind of.

There’s some leftover tapioca flour and almond meal and powdered sugar. And corn syrup.

But overall, I went from this:

To this:

I finished up all my traditional ingredients (chips, flour, sugar, etc.) with these recipes:

1. Coconut Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe adaptions to use what I had:
-6 TBSP coconut oil + 3 TBSP butter (instead of the other way around)
-1/4 c whole wheat/ spelt flour for the cocoa powder
-Butterscotch chips instead of chocolate
-Whole wheat/ spelt flour instead of white
-A chia egg instead of a chicken egg
-Sweetened coconut instead of unsweetened, and therefore
-Elimination of the brown sugar

….somehow I think the actual version of these would taste a whole lot different. Can you believe I took out all the chocolate? Weird. But these were some of the most addictive cookies I’ve ever made. Most of the sweetness comes from the butterscotch chips & coconut, which I think made it easier keep munching (especially when they’re still warm from the over and you’ve eaten all salty things that day….or maybe that’s just my problem..). The oat/wheat flour/coconut texture really made it a winner.

Two peas and their pod have spectacular cookie recipes, for the record. The above came from their site, as did this next one.

2. Mini Rocky Road Cookies

Recipe adaptions to use what I had:
-Whole wheat/ spelt flour instead of white
-Reese’s peanut butter chips instead of white chocolate
-Nuts were elminiated

I mostly chose this recipe because it called for so much cocoa powder (and thus didn’t have enough for the coconut cookies- whoops). We also happened to have mallow bits in the pantry (they’re not quite as good as Lucky Charm marshmellows, if you were wondering). I also didn’t make them mini- because I was in the mist of moving and couldn’t afford to spend any more time baking.

I can honestly say they were the best chocolate cookies I’ve ever had. They were the type of cookies that actually stayed soft after they cooled without tasting stale (you know, like those “Keeber soft” cookies. Anybody?).

And last but not least,

3. Peanut Butter Cookie S’mores Bars

(unfortunately I packed them up and gave them away before I remembered to take a picture, whoops).

Recipe adaptions to use what I had:
-A chia egg (for the cookies)
-Whole wheat/ spelt (also for the cookies)
-6 oz fluff (I thought my jar was bigger for some reason)
-Elimination of the graham cracker crumbs (so they weren’t technically s’mores anymore, I know, I know).
-“Homemade chocolate” instead of Hershey’s bars.

So what is “homemade chocolate”? In this case, it was a combination of all the chocolate related baking stuff I had left that typically goes in chocolate. Specifically, unsweetened baker’s chocolate, cocoa powder (I made the chocolate itself before the coconut cookies), butter, sugar, and agave. It tasted a little weird on its own (I don’t have a double boiler, so melting everything without burning it proved a little difficult), but it went really well with the cookie base.

The edges got a little crisp, and everything melted together kind of oddly (my fault for the major adaptations, I’m sure). But they tasted incredible – and that’s all that really matters (uh, right?).


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