Aspirations & Accomplishments

Ed. 2 of drool worthy recipes and things I’m loving:

1.  Tequila Cherry Tomatoes. I did end up making them and and they were amazing. I’m totally making them again (if I have tequila left after this weekend – though it’s kind my birthday weekend though so there’s a distinct possibility my bottle will be empty).

2. Overnight Steel Cut Oats

I got a giant bag of steel cut oats in May at Big Lots. And by giant bag I mean there are 52 servings in it! My only problem with steel cut oats is that they take 20-30 minutes to cook, depending on the brand. I came across this method last week on The Kichcn (which you should be reading if you’re not – they have relevant tips, tricks, and recipes for everything you can think of!). The trick is to soak the oats overnight in milk just like regular overnight oats. It leaves the oats are still kind of chewy because they don’t absorb all the liquid, but honestly, I love the texture. And one tablespoon of chia seeds sops up most of the extra milk. Perfection.

3. This Zucchini Casserole

I mentioned in my last post that I made a casserole. As much as I hate the word casserole, I loved this recipe. My Nanny a whole bunch of zucchini out to Pittsburgh with my mom and I wasn’t sure how to use it all. Then I found this- which called for 6 cups of the stuff. I used less cheese than it called for and I used crushed up matzoh for the bread crumbs (which worked way better than I expected). It also froze/ reheated way better then…well, most things I freeze/reheat.

4. Vegan Caramel Glazed Baked Donuts

I came across these vegan caramel glazed baked donuts this morning. I may have actually drooled on the keyboard. I’ve been following Namely Marly on Pinterest for a while but some reason never checked out her blog. Until today. I cannot  believe what I’ve been missing. She has recipes for southwestern hummus & a vegan Philly Cheezesteak –  and those were just posted in the last few weeks!

5. I’m making brownies for myself for my birthday this year. A pantry version of this from Eat, Live, Run I’m thinking. We’ll see what jumps on the shelf when I get home tonight.

6. When I get a kitchen back, I really want to look into homemade vegan cheeses. The whole idea is really interesting to me. The Naked Kitcten posted this awesome recipe for feta cheese made from tofu. Vegan mac n chz is also on my to-cook list.

7. New food finds!

I discovered these two last weekend. We were getting food for a trip to my friend’s cabin. Apparently I can’t go anywhere without veggie burgers and hummus. I had never even seen either of these flavors before- and they were both incredible! (Especially together- seriously, you can put hummus on almost anything).

There definitely weren’t whole olive in the hummus I bought though.. wtf Sabra? 😉

Alright well I’m going to stop making everyone hungry now. Birthday brownies coming at you soon!


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