No Bake Cookies (more oats)

Not only are no-bake cookies good for hot days, they super convenient for times when you want to make something but the oven is already occupied. Like the other night, I was making a zucchini casserole (my Nanny had mad squash this year so my mom brought me some- biggest zucchini’s I’ve ever seen). And as soon as I popped it in the oven I was craving cookies. So took a quick look at my pantry project board (I love/hate how much I use Pinterest) and decided to make No Bake Chocolate Almond and Coconut Cookies.

I made a couple of substitutions- Cookie butter instead of almond butter because I was out, and I figured more sugar would be better than sunflower seed butter. I also only had sweetened coconut- which kind of worked out because I didn’t have enough enough honey. I think in total it I used a 1/3 c agave/ honey mixture.

Initially, I was concerned I just made chocolate granola. And while that would have been a little disappointing, I do love me some granola. But after they firmed up in the fridge they were much more cookie-like. They’re also delicious and filling! Yeah, a cookie that’s filling. Not real sweet- but I think that makes them taste more dark chocolate-ly (fine by me any day).

Extra awesome thing about this recipe- I only got two bowls and two measuring cups dirty somehow. Bam. And the entire thing took maybe 20 minutes.

And I didn’t even burn the casserole (which was also tasty, if you were wondering



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