Baked Cherry Oatmeal

With only a handful of exceptions, I have eaten oatmeal in some capacity every day for the last six months. I wasn’t trying The Oatmeal Diet or anything crazy, believe it or not, I actually just really like oatmeal (seriously though look at that diet- it’s like the Special K diet but worse!). There’s something really satisfying about it, and no matter how hungry I am, it always fills me up (for an hour or so, anyway).

To change up my oatmeal addiction, I decided to experiment with baked oatmeal. The first kind I made was this Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal from Budget Bytes. And lemme tell you, It. Was. Bomb. The epitome of dessert for breakfast, really. But I was looking for something that was a little healthier, and a little more breakfast-y. And that’s when I came across Muchin with Muchkin’s Healthy Black Forest Baked Oatmeal.No added sugar, and vegan! Not to mention chocolate.

It took me a while to get around to making them (and the recent heat wave consuming the east coast did NOT help), but I am SO glad I did.


I used frozen cherries I had in the freezer. The recipe called for chocolate chips, but I was out so I substituted the white chocolate (those obviously weren’t vegan, but I think everything else was!).

Another thing I like about baked oatmeal is the one bowl mixing method. Less dishes makes a dishwasherless girl very happy.

Conveniently, the recipe also only make 6 cakes, so I technically only had to clean one tiny muffin pan. I say technically b/c the first time I spooned the batter into the pan I forgot to spray it. At least I realized it before they went in the oven!

And viola! Unfortunately turning my oven for a half hr increased the temperature in my apartment by 5-10 degrees. Whoops. Though honestly, I was so happy with my breakfast every day this week, it was kind of worth it.

They were delicious cold (which is nice when you break a sweat walking into work from the car – done with the heat complaints now, promise). They didn’t get dry like the pumpkin oatmeal had (a little milk fixed it, but I’m all for enjoying my food with the quickest prep possible, especially in the am). The white chocolate and cherries gave them a perfect level of sweetness (though I barely sweeten my oatmeal – I’d suggest sprinkling them with sugar if you only like sweet oatmeal).

I think I may try a different fruit next time- strawberries maybe? We’ll see. I have plenty of oats to use.


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