Finds & Unpublished Things

Since I sit on the computer all day, often unchallenged, I spend a lot of time looking at recipes. This can kind of become a pain because usually I a) get hungry or b) just get annoyed that I’m sitting in front the computer collecting recipes instead of making them. But we know its not going to stop- I like food too much ;) Anyways, my actual point here that I’m going to start posting links to other things I’m cooking and not documenting. I’m also going to include links to things I want to make, but will not get to any time in the near future. Sound good? Awesome, glad you’re on board.

Weekly Eats

-Scrambled eggs and quinoa w/ parm and veggies. I’m beginning to find I like quinoa in all capacities, but this one is especially¬†delicious¬†(also full of protein). It’s amazing the things you can do with quinoa.

Cauliflower pizza bites were made before the heat wave. I could not believe how good they were. They also made me realize just how badly I need a food processor. And no, you can’t taste the cottage cheese.

– I made this salad for work this week. I had wanted to switch out the feta for goat cheese, because it’s one of my new found favorite foods, but Giant Eagle didn’t have it. That annoyed me so I didn’t end up getting either (not sure what the thought process was there since I also LOVE feta). Left out the mint too, but the salad was still delicious and filling. Good eat-at-desk food.

These are being made tonight. Mostly because I am still working on a bottle of tequila I bought for Cinco de Mayo (though I recently re-discovered tequila sunrises so I don’t imagine I’ve have that bottle much longer).

-I had full intentions of roasting grapes this week. Then the heat wave hit… I don’t it will be possible to stay in my kitchen while the oven is at 425.

*ps. I didn’t take any of these pictures, but they link to the site they came from!

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