Caramel Brownies

Consider this my grand re-entrance to food blogging. I’m really going to try keeping up with it this time! Really!

I cook/bake pretty much constantly, but I almost never remember to pick up my camera until I’m taking my first bite. My kitchen is also the coldest room in my already 100 y.o., poorly insulated apartment (ie. It was terribly cold for three months, despite the warm winter). So the goal for a while there was to cook as quickly and efficiently as possible so I could go back to curling up next to my space heater.

Now that summer is almost here, the kitchen is the place to be.. Also, the sun’s timing is a lot more convenient for pictures. I’m going to start using my camera again instead of my Ipod for pics, but unfortunately my camera’s still kind of terrible.

On to the food…

Kyle and I made these brownies on Tuesday night. I missed my bedtime by a few hours because they were kind of time consuming, but I think it was worth it. The batter was extremely easy to mix by hand (awesome, since my hand mixer is on the fritz). I don’t know how accurately I split the batter in half, so I think if I made these again I would actually measure instead of pouring and guessing. The toppings also need to pressed into the brownie while its still hot. For some reason I thought the chips would melt and glue themselves to the brownies. Not the case (a whole lot of them fell off when I was taking them out of the pan)

We used two eggs, and two chia seed eggs (only because I ran out of eggs). We also replaced the semi-sweet chips with milk chocolate ones, save a half cup we replaced with white chocolate (not the dark chocolate as pictured with the ingredients).

They were a hit. Perfect before Radiohead snack.






Recipe via Pinterest from SixSistersStuff


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